These general Terms of service apply to all relationships between University of Economics in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as “EUBA”) as the administrator and the Users of the Matchmaking platform (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) hosted on the ENTER-transfer webpage.

Access and use of the Matchmaking platform is subject to the following Terms of Service, as well as all applicable laws. By accessing, browsing, and using this website, the user accepts, without limitation or qualification, these Terms of Service.

Additionally, the Terms of Service, as well as the content of this website, are subject to change at any time without prior notice. If misleading, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate information is brought to our attention, a reasonable effort will be made to correct or remove it.

These Terms of Service will be governed by and construed in accordance with law of the Slovak Republic, and any disputes relating to this disclaimer will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Slovak Republic.


Disclaimer of Information Accuracy and Liability

Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information, EUBA makes no warranties, express or implied, or representations as to the accuracy of content on this website.

EUBA assumes no responsibility for any error, omissions in the information contained in the Matchmaking platform (including ENTER-transfer platform) as well as no liability, for any loss or damage which may arise from using it or relying on the legal correctness of the published information or any data inserted by the Users or the operation of the website.

If notwithstanding the above you take any action or decision to buy, sell, or conduct any investments, you do so entirely at your own risk and EUBA shall have no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by you as a result.

EUBA’s liability for direct and indirect damage, including at least consequential damage, loss of profit, missed savings and damage as result of the decisions and their consequences for the Users, is expressly excluded.

EUBA is not liable for damage of whatever nature suffered by the User as a result of the use by third parties of the data and documents supplied or made available by EUBA. The User indemnifies EUBA against claims from third parties in this respect. 

EUBA is entitled, but not obliged, to investigate the correctness, completeness or consistency of the data or specifications or information posted on the Matchmaking platform by the User. If any deficiencies are found, to suspend the publication until the User has remedied the relevant imperfections.

EUBA is also entitled, if necessary without prior notification to the User, to make changes or improvements to the data provided by the User.

If you believe any published information is inaccurate or subject to intellectual property law, please let us know by contacting us at the email address provided so that we may review the information and update it if appropriate.

EUBA cannot guarantee that companies registered on the site are still for sale. EUBA also does not guarantee that buyers and sellers will actually sign any confidentiality agreement, nor that buyers and sellers will actually start exchanging information.


Privacy policy
Protection of privacy

The ENTER-transfer website is made available to you by the University of Economics in Bratislava (further on referred to as “EUBA”). The following policy applies with regard to the protection of your privacy. 
All profiles are placed on entertransfer.com. Personal details of those who place a profile and of those who react to a profile are treated and secured with the greatest possible care.

Pursuant to the Art. 13 and 14 of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) the EUBA commits to the protection and lawful collection, processing and use of your personal data.

The party responsible for processing the data is the University of Economics in Bratislava, Dolnozemska cesta 1, 85235 Bratislava, Slovak Republic. EUBA guarantees, in as far as possible, protection of the privacy of all ENTER-transfer platform visitors. That means that we also require maximum effort from our partners in the safeguarding of personal data. 


Processing personal data

In the context of our service, when you place a profile, react to a profile, subscribe to a newsletter, request information, use our (interactive) services or otherwise have contact with EUBA, EUBA records data.

EUBA uses these data for the promotion and communication purposes, for its other services, and to keep Users informed of any (new) services of EUBA. EUBA makes every effort to take your preferences into account.

If you do not appreciate information about (new) products and services, you can make this known in writing to by email to  entertransfer@euba.sk , with subject "Address registration". 


Deleting your data

We save your data on a Secure Server. The retention period is infinite. The reason for this is to allow you to look back in your own history through your account, with your email as user name and access by means of a password chosen by you. Would you like us to remove your data from our database? Send an email to entertransfer@euba.sk. EUBA will comply with your request within 10 working days.